Visiting c-base

After an exhausting train ride from Amsterdam to Berlin which started at 20.25 and ended at 5.33 the next day, I discovered that I couldn't get a train the same day to Warsaw since they were all fully booked!

So my plans changed a bit and I would stay a full day in Berlin which was nice in some way because it meant I could visit c-base in the evening!

Also I discovered by coincidence that a few friends of mine from Switzerland were staying in Berlin this weekend and I could hang out with them during the day. I also met with @andrewhobden in Berlin, whom I met at RustFest 2016 last year. This was a very awesome coincidence, since we didn't plan any of it and we just ended up meeting in Berlin and having a great time together!

So after dinner we split again and I headed towards c-base. c-base is located near the "Jannowitzbr├╝cke" and thus very easily reachable with public transport.

Entry to the c-base

Entry to the c-base

When entering c-base I was amazed because of all the very nicely done decoration they have inside which leads to a great atmosphere!

The Mate light

The Mate light inside c-base

The members in the space were a bit busy because they had their "circle" meeting. So I just started talking to the members not attending the meeting and somehow got pretty absorbed giving one of them a rather in depth introduction to basic embedded development using amongst other things

(This list serves primarily as a reference for him in case he forgot to bookmark them ;)

Since I was still very tired from the lack of sleep during the train ride from Amsterdam to Berlin I originally planed to stay no longer as midnight. But since I got really busy and was invited to be given a show around the crashed space station around 1am, I stayed until 2:30am.

The guided tour through the spaceship was pretty awesome, thanks again to my guide! Since I didn't really take any pictures I recommend you to visit c-base by yourself if you're around Berlin next time!