Visiting Technologia Incognita

Getting a place to stay in Amsterdam was harder then I thought due to the fact, that a lot of hotels and hostels where fully or almost fully booked! I still got a room after a bit of hassle (Thanks to this booking sites "only two rooms left, book them now!", I accidentally booked "1 bed in the women sleeping room", silly me) in the "WOW Amsterdam" hostel. It's not that close to the center, but reachable with either bus or the metro.

After the train ride from Düsseldorf and a bus ride to my hostel I took the metro to Technologia Incognita.

Entry to the Technologia Incognita

Entry to the Technologia Incognita

The space features the usual stuff with a kitchen, a laser-cutter (if you look closely you will see they sell the Diplomatic Passport in their vending machine on the left), a work shop and of course some awesome decoration!

animated LED fire place

Animated LED fire place

I had the luck to arrive when they had their visiting day, so lots of people where around. Also sine the next day was the Hack in the Box conference some attendees of this conference where there as well. I even met some guys from the NYC Resistor which invited me to have a look at their hackerspace next time I'm in New York (which will be around June). They told me about a project where they create almost impossible to solve puzzles.

I also met Saskia Freeke who creates amazing digital art!

Example of Saskias art

Example of Saskias creative programming / digital art

She has a project where she creates similar work every single day since 2015!

There was also a cheese, sausage and beer tasting on the same evening which I, as a Swiss guy, definitely approve!

cheese tasting

Cheese and sausage tasting

The next day I spontaneously attended the Hack in the Box conference where hackerspaces from the Netherlands also had booths. I really enjoyed Toools lock-picking booth and the talk of Jos Weyers Most Impressive: A Guide to Key Impressioning Attacks.

While I really enjoyed my stay in Amsterdam and with Technologia Incognita and almost replanned my trip to spend a few more days there, I decided to stick with my plan for once and travel to Warsaw via Berlin, with a short stop to visit c-base.