Visiting the chaosdorf

While my original "plan" involved traveling directly to Amsterdam from Stuttgart, the shackspace guys suggested to visit chaosdorf in Düsseldorf, since it is halfway to Amsterdam anyway.

After asking if anybody will be present on their IRC channel #chaosdorf, I decided to stay two days in Düsseldorf.

Chaosdorf is awesomely close, just a 20min foot-walk, to the Düsseldorf main station! Also quite close is the Hostel A&O where I could stay.

Due to the central location and their prominent front door, they have some random strangers walking in from time to time, which is pretty awesome!

chaosdorf entrance

chaosdorf entrance

For the 130 members they have, the rooms is already getting small, but is with its 160m² still huge compared to coredump!

main chaosdorf room

main chaosdorf room

Their space features:

  • A laptop lounge with presentation screen
chaosdorf laptop lounge chaosdorf kitchen
  • A laser cutter and 3D printers
chaosdorf laser cutter / 3D printer
  • A combined smoking, TV and workshop room
chaosdorf work shop

Similar to shackspace some members in chaosdorf also cook dinner for the group and I could join them on Tuesday evening. Having a nice kitchen in your space seems to pay off!

Due to visiting in the midst of the week and not during the weekend, I couldn't experience the full chaosdorf experience. I would love to stay until Friday to experience the Freitagsfoo, but Amsterdam is calling!