Starting to blog again

My last post on this blog is from 2017 when I was traveling around Europe to visit different hackerspaces. I have fond memories of that time and still regret not finishing the post about visiting LJUDMILA in Sarajevo. I also regret that I immediately stopped writing blog posts after that and never wrote a summary of my "Tour de Hackerspace".

The drafts of these posts lingering around in the git repository serve as a reminder of this tragedy 😉.

A new beginning

Anyway: A lot has changed since then and beginning this year I started a new job at Renuo. Previously I was working at Sensirion for 8 years, where I was doing various kind of software development, ranging from embedded C++, developing a sensor evaluation desktop software in Python, creating a demonstrator prototype in Rust for an automotive PM2.5 sensor to developing infrastructure on Azure to power remote running long term studies of various sensors.

So switching to a software agency that almost exclusively does Web development with Ruby on Rails is quite a big change for me. Especially since I never really worked with Ruby or Rails before.

Since I find my expedition into this new terrain quite exciting, I want to share my experience of learning Ruby on this blog!